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Its time to sell things, help people, and have no social life like usual.
Starting on posters now, even though I said something about posters I think at the beginning of this month I have just been too lazy and not done it. Also might start up Stickers and for the people who bought shirts THEY WILL BE DONE VERY SOON. The shirts are women’s small to large. Another thing is hopefully soon there will be stickers to pre-order and trying sculpting again and maybe start with costumes and props since my favorite holiday is coming up. If you would like to know more about this stay updated cause I will post stuff about the process. Oh, another thing is its almost give away time, at the end of each week there will be a give away every Saturday and you people and people who follow me on other websites will be able to win something from me. All you need to do to win is just answer one simple question. You will have to send it over message and it will only last for 5 minutes. After five minutes are up I will post the winner, what they won and will only have again another 5 minutes to reply and claim there prize or I will ask another question and same thing pretty much.

P.S- I have 2 extra shirts left if you would like a shirt please message me, they are only $20 per shirt.(I will post a picture of the shirt design’s soon .Also the reason why they are $20 is because it will help pay for shipping if it is needed. ) C:

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